Maternal serum Interleukine-6 and Interleukine-8 levels in preterm labor

Alaa Mohammed Sadiq, Dalal M. Aljarah, Dhuha Sadiq


Cytokines may be implicated in the patho-physiological mechanism of preterm and term labor. Many studies indicates cytokines as predictors of preterm delivery and explain partially mechanism of preterm uterine contraction. The objective of this study was to find out whether preterm labor is associated with raised maternal serum concentration of intreleukine-6 and interleukine-8 levels. Fifty-pregnant women in preterm labor (group A), 25 term pregnant women in labor (group B), and 25 women preterm not in labor (group C). The serum cytokines levels were measured by enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA). The result showed that IL6 and IL8 significantly higher during preterm labor and term labor in compares with preterm group did not in labor. No statistical difference was found in cytokines levels between women in preterm labor with rupture membranes and those with intact membranes. There was a significant higher serum concentration of IL6 in late preterm labor (34weeks-36+6days) compared with early preterm labor (24weeks-33weeks+6days). In conclusion; our data presented that higher serum cytokines levels (IL-6 &IL-8) in patient with preterm labor and term labor than preterm not in labor. The increase of IL-6 &IL-8 level during labor can be related with the possible role of these cytokines in the immunological mechanism of labor beginning.

Keywords: Cytokines; IL-6; IL-8; Preterm birth

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