Assessment of risk factors in pregnant women in Al-Samawa city

Basim Hussein Bahir‎*1, Alaa Naem Zair


Aiming to assess the risk factors in pregnant women in Al-Samawah city, and to find out the relationship between these risk factors with certain variables factors. A cross sectional study was carried out during 1st of December 2013 through April 2014 including pregnant women attending the primary health care centers in Al- Samawah city. Data were collected through direct interview of pregnant women and from surveying their medical records using especial designed questionnaire form. A significant association has been detected between age groups of pregnant women and bleeding during pregnancy (P= 0.01). Old age pregnancy (more than 35 years) had the higher percentage of risk factors, and the degree of relatives between women and their husbands is (35.9%). Old age pregnancy had a higher percentage of anemia, hypertension and bleeding during pregnancy. The BMI higher percentage (49.5) of pregnant women were in the normal score, it was close to the international standards. The BMI is significantly association with D.M (p= 0.038). The Socio-Economic-Status (SES) of the most families in this sample were at low level (65). Further, a statistically significant association has been detected between (SES) of pregnant women and D.M (P = 0. 012). More than half (58) of women had in adequate visit to (PHCs), sixth of the deliveries was at home, one third of pregnant women had risk factors of them one quarter had more than risk.

Keywords: Risk factor of pregnancy; BMI; DM; SES; Hypertension; Anemia

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