Prenatal diagnosis of thoracic ectopia cordis: a case report

Muthanna Medical Journal
Volume 3, Issue 1, June 2016, Pages 70-73


Research Article                                                                         

Maithem I. Sabeh1, Ahmed AR. Ammar2*, Ilham Al-Rubaei3

*Corrospondance author:
1 Ibn Al-Bitar center for cardiac surgery. Baghdad.
2 College of Medicine, Muthanna University.
3 Gynecological and Obstetrics department. Al-Hakim teaching hospital. Najaf, Iraq.
Received 12 January 2016, Accepted 11 May 2016, Available online 28 June  2016.
This is article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Copyright © 2016 AA




Twenty years old primigravida lady has visited sonar clinic during the second trimester as a part of routine prenatal care after Shirodkar procedure for cervical weakness. The sonographic study revealed a single active viable fetus, of 15 weeks gestational age, in slight hyperflex position. The placenta was normal and situated posteriorly, with normal amount of amniotic fluid. The fetus had anencephaly associated with heart extrathoracically. Family and maternal history revealed exogamous marriage with uneventful obstetric history. A second sonographic follow-up examination was done at 25 weeks gestational age.

 Keywords: Shirodkar procedure; Sonographic; Thoracic ectopia cordis

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