Use of halothane vaporizer for the administration of sevoflurane during general anesthesia

Muthanna Medical Journal
Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2018, Pages 49-55

Research Article

Basim Hrez Ali

* Correspondence author:
¹Al Muthanna University/College of Medicine
Received 24 January 2018, Accepted 12 April 2018, Available online 25 April 2018.
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The vaporizer based on specific saturated vapor pressure for each inhalation anesthetic agent. The purpose this study is to determine the precise corresponding sevoflurane concentrations when halothane vaporizer is used for supplying it. This study is carried out by using a mathematical equation based on the difference in saturated vapor pressure, splitting ratio of halothane and sevoflurane at different delivered concentration dial of halothane vaporizer. The data of this study provides a comparative table that help to use halothane vaporizer to provide a precise known delivered sevoflurane concentration. The results concluded that halothane vaporizer is suitable to deliver sevoflurane concentrations (up to 3%) that can be used for maintaining general anesthesia.

Key words: Vaporizer; Halothane; Sevoflurane